By Sebastian Krawiec for

Malt Products Corporation (MPC; Saddle Brook, NJ), which manufactures malted barley extract and other natural sweeteners, is incorporating a new stateof-the-art brewing module at its primary manufacturing facility in Dayton, OH, called PicoBrew Z. The automated brewing system provides real-time data and precision control to allow beverage customers to more easily experiment with various combinations of MPC’s natural sweeteners.

This system would make MPC an attractive partner for those who do not have access to exacting means of product testing and development. Combined with the MPC’s manufacturing capabilities and capacity, PicoBrew Z reduces commercialization ramp up time for new and versioned brewed products. MPC is particularly interested in aiming its precision brewing capabilities at the fast-growing non-alcoholic beer landscape, which is attracting health-conscious consumers who enjoy beer but want to cut alcohol from their lives, as well as athletes who may utilize it for fitness and sports recovery.

“By using our MaltRite™ line of malt extracts as a base, beverage formulators can create malt-based beverages that, like non-alcoholic beers, eliminate the health risks of alcohol while retaining even more of the nutrients of the whole grain – including high antioxidant content and substantial amounts of polyphenols, which are plant compounds with anti-inflammatory properties,” said Amy Targan, president of Malt Products Corp, in a press release. “MaltRite™ also helps formulators create interesting drinks with unique flavors, both for extra sweetness and fruitier notes, without being tied to a brewery.”

The PicoBrew Z system is part of a five-year, $50 million investment by MPC that began with the 2015 expansion of its brew house and addition of a Meura mash-filter, expanded laboratory, research and development, and customer application capabilities.