Innovations Lab

Malt Products Corporation’s brand-new Innovations Lab in Minneapolis has evolved its facility to include ovens, mixers, shearers, proofers, and temperature-controlled incubators, as well as analytical equipment. We encourage food and beverage companies to use our Innovation Labs for formulation experimentation, testing the viability of various ingredients regarding flavor, binding, shelf life, and other critical factors. We make it easier to test prototypes of new products with healthier, pantry-friendly ingredients, and for our customers to better understand their products mission-critical characteristics.

Malt Products Corporation’s brand-new Innovations Lab

Product-Specific Applications

Viewing: Essential ingredient for pretzels Essential ingredient for bagels

Stimulates & Quickens Fermentation
Promotes Browning

Promotes Crust Formation
Improves Texture
Adds Protein
Adds Color
Adds no colorAdds minimal color
Adds Flavor
Extends Shelf Life
Creates Glossy Finish
Adds Structure & Body
Is a Binder
Improves mouthfeel and inhibits ice crystalization
Available in Dry Form
Available Organic
Available Non-GMO

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