The “Rite” sweetener MaltRiteTM, OatRiteTM, TapRiteTM and RiceRiteTM are all natural, nutritive, non-gmo-verifed, sweeteners. A label-friendly, cost-effective alternative to highly refined sugars. The smarter way to sweeten. Healthy from the ground up Naturally high in protein, amino acids, minerals, soluble fiber, and antioxidants, MaltRite™ and OatRite™ are made from whole sprouted grains, and have characteristic flavor and aroma from mild to robust. Domestic manufacturing and customer service The highly skilled food technologists in our new state-of-the art U.S. manufacturing facility and innovation lab are dedicated to helping customers create the best natural sweetener solution for their specific needs. Sweeteners with substance since 1957 In addition to our “Rite” sweeteners, we also offer a broad spectrum of ingredients including sugar cane molasses, invert syrups, agave, honey, corn sweeteners, and diastatic flours. Ideal for baked goods, beverages, snack foods, cereals, confections, pet food, and much more. Appreciate the difference A family-owned business that treats businesses like family.
Customer centric. Quality driven.
Nutritionally focused.

Malt Products is a family business that manufactures and distributes natural, nutritious sweeteners. We have been in business since the 1950s, when we started processing barley from local farmers into malt extract to supply local bagel shops and mom-and-pop bakeries. In the decades since then, we have grown into an international company offering a full line of natural, nutritious grain extracts and sweeteners.

We source our extracts from whole grains, such as malted barley, oats, and rice, and we offer a full range of other sweeteners, such as molasses, tapioca syrup, invert syrups, agave nectar, and honey. Our ingredients are available with non-GMO and organic certification. Fundamental to our success is our personal touch—customer service built on sustained relationships, impeccable quality, and limitless customization.

MaltRite™TM extracts are made from whole grain malted barley, the original sprouted grain, and have a characteristic malty flavor and aroma from mild to robust.

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OatRiteTM extracts are made from whole grain sprouted oats and have a mild sweetness and pleasant
oat taste and aroma.

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TapRiteTM is a clean, neutral flavored syrup made from tapioca starch, which comes from the cassava root.

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RiceRiteTM is an all-natural sweetener, made from brown rice, that adds sweetness with little or no flavor or color.

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Sugar Cane Molasses

Sugar Cane Molasses is a natural and nutritious sweetener with a distinct and rich flavor, extracted from sugar cane during the production of refined sugar.

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Invert Syrups

NuvertTM Syrup is derived from sugar cane. The sucrose is inverted creating a sweeter syrup less prone to crystallization.

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Agave Syrups

Organic agave syrup is a versatile ingredients used to sweeten a wide variety of food products.

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Corn Sweeteners

We offer a complete line of corn based sweeteners; glucose syrup 30, 42 and 60DE, high fructose 42 and 55, dextrose, and maltodextrins.

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Diastatic Flours

Our top rated Baker’s helper is a dry mix of diastatic malted barley flour, wheat flour and dextrose. The active enzymes are a natural dough conditioner.

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Bakers Honey provides quality and value to many food products. Its subtle touch enriches the flavors of a wide variety of food products.

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Our commitment to industry-leading innovation and the security and reliability of domestic production is showcased by our state-of-the-art brewhouse and drying plant in our Dayton, Ohio manufacturing facility.

Our sister company International Molasses provides leading food and beverage manufacturers with a wide variety of sugar cane molasses products.

International Molasses Corporation is a family-owned business that produces and provides leading food and beverage manufacturers with a wide variety of sugar cane molasses products, as well as invert syrups, honey, agave syrup and other custom formulated sweeteners.

A sister company to Malt Products Corporation, we have been in business over fifty years proudly serving customers worldwide. Our longevity is due to our commitment to unparalleled natural sweetener products, quality control, and customer service.