Diastatic Malt Flours

Our Diastatic Malt Flours are made by blending malted barley flour, wheat flour, and dextrose. It is a sweet, light-colored powder designed for use in all types of yeast-raised doughs.

Diastatic Malt Flour promotes a strong rise, great texture and a brown crust in baked goods. The active enzymes in the malted barley act as a natural dough conditionar and improve fermentation and pan flow; the dextrose provides nutrition for the yeast. Diastatic Malt Flour also functions as an enhancer in mixes which do not otherwise contain malted barley.

There are two variations for our Diastatic Malt Flour based on the enzyme activity of each: 20° Lintner and 60° Lintner. Both of these are available as certified non-GMO version. Whatever the application, our highly skilled food technologists can assist customers in creating the best natural sweetener solution for their specific needs.

All products available Certified Organic. We also ship internationally.