MaltRite™ extracts are made from whole-grain malted barley. They have a characteristic malt flavor and aroma that can range from mild to robust.

Naturally high in maltose, protein, amino acids, minerals, soluble fiber, and antioxidants, MaltRite™ offers not only good nutrition, but also many functional qualities including browning, crystal control, humectancy, improved texture, and extended shelf life. Our malt extracts are GRAS, all natural, and Kosher.

We offer a diverse portfolio of high-quality MaltRite™ varieties, including liquid, dry, and blended products with a wide range of color, flavors, sweetness, body profiles, and protein content. MaltRite™ extracts are certified non-GMO and are available certified organic. For milder flavors, we can blend MaltRite™ with TapRite™ or RiceRite™. If our standard varieties do not meet your requirements, we can create a customized product to suit your needs. Contact our experts to assist you in selecting the best MaltRite™ for your application.

Did you know that malt extract has five times the antioxidant power of fresh broccoli? For more surprising facts about malt, click here.

All products available Certified Organic. We also ship internationally.