Affiliated Companies

International Molasses

International Molasses Corporation is a family-owned business that produces and provides leading food and beverage manufacturers with a wide variety of sugar cane molasses products, as well as invert syrups, honey, agave syrup and other custom formulated sweeteners.

A sister company to Malt Products Corporation, we have been in business over fifty years proudly serving customers worldwide. Our longevity is due to our commitment to unparalleled natural sweetener products, quality control, and customer service. Click here to learn more about International Molasses Corporation.

Diastatische Producten

Located in the Dutch research hub of Leiden, Diastatische Producten B.V. (“Diasta,” for short) produces a broad portfolio of malt extract in liquid and powdered form. Diasta has been a fixture of the European market since its founding in 1936, and it has been a member of the Malt Products group of companies since 1989. For many decades, Diasta has been a supplier to premier food and beverage producers in Europe and around the world. Diasta’s long pedigree in grain-extract production, its on-site drying facility, and its ability to rapidly ship products across borders make it an indispensable member of the Malt Products family.