What is Malt Extract?

Malt Extract is an all natural, nutritious, whole grain sweetener.

Our process is all natural, no chemicals or other artificial ingredients are used.

Malt Extract is produced from malted barley, a whole grain with natural enzymes. The malted barley is carefully selected from the premier maltsters in North America.

The malted barley is ground and precisely mixed with water and controlled heat allowing the natural enzymes in the grain to convert the starches into fermentable sugars in the mash.

The mash is filtered to remove the insoluble fiber, and whirlpooled to further clarify. The result is a sweet liquid wort, the same liquid a brewery ferments to make beer.

The wort is evaporated to 80% solids under heat and vacuum, producing a concentrated, viscous, stable, sweet, and flavorful Malt Extract.

Naturally processed from whole grain results in a sweetener with unique nutritive values not found in other starch sweeteners. Malt Extract typically has 6% protein, numerous free amino acids, minerals, vitamins and is an excellent anti-oxidant.

Malt Extract has a long history as a health tonic, some of it fanciful.

However, recent studies do confirm the benefits of malt extract as evidenced in this interesting article about the health benefits of non alcoholic beer, a diluted malt extract.

The best artisan bakers use Malt Extract for it flavor, mineral salts, soluble proteins, dough conditioning enzymes, color, and nutritive materials promoting yeast activity.

Malt Extract adds flavor, body and nutrition to baked goods, confectioneries, sauces, and beverages. Our technical staff is happy to assist you on its usage in order to enhance your products.