Malt Products assumes full responsibility for product quality from manufacturing through distribution. The quality of our products has always been of primary concern. In keeping with that tradition, Malt Products now use more statistical process control (SPC) than ever before to guarantee that our customers receive the highest quality products. The modern concept of SPC involves using measured data to ensure that a process is progressing within predetermined limits. Typically, a manufacturer tracks the process to determine if the process is in control. If the process is in control, the product will meet the established quality and cost efficiency goals.

To meet our customers goals, we use one of the industry’s most stringent and comprehensive quality control programs. This includes the internal and external use of Total Quality Management Programs, Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) systems, and The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program. Every employee at Malt Products contributes to providing customers with high quality ingredients. The employees involved with manufacturing and distribution have received training in the appropriate programs to ensure products and procedures meet our high standards.

We check quality at every step of the production process. In malt production, for example, growth, temperature, air flow, solids content, pH, color, enzyme activity and other parameters are continually monitored and carefully controlled to ensure the reported values are as close to the ideal value as is possible. We have expanded the quality control departments in all of our manufacturing facilities, with more frequent sampling and controls taking place. Malt Products will gladly provide detailed quality control records and conformance certificates. Quality control includes product testing, plant procedures testing and testing to ensure sanitary conditions in production, packaging and warehouse areas. Malt Products’ preoccupation with quality allows our customers the choice of minimizing their inspections because we become their “partners in quality.” In fact, we have even formed a task force that responds quickly and professionally to help solve tough, on-site application problems.